Hanzo Hold Extends Best-in-Class Ediscovery for Slack Plus

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Now enterprises with Slack Plus can easily leverage native export capabilities and have the same best-practice Slack discovery process in-house.

New York, NY, March 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hanzo, a company known for its pioneering technology in dynamic web content preservation from enterprise collaboration applications and complex websites, today announced support for Slack Plus with their purpose-built discovery solution, Hanzo Hold for Slack.  

Hanzo enables targeted collections and rapid access to discovery insights to corporate legal and HR teams. Support for Slack Plus offers flexibility and a user-friendly solution that empowers internal teams to do early case assessments and efficiently make key strategic case decisions. 

What corporate legal teams can do with Hanzo Hold to manage their Slack Plus discovery workflows: 

  • Make sense of the data. Slack Plus exports are produced in complex and difficult-to-read JSON file formats. Now you can easily upload these files to Hanzo Hold for processing and analysis, avoiding the need to build your own parser and database.
  • Narrow the scope. Slack Plus exports can only be limited by date range—leaving a lot of data in the pool. Hanzo enables users to extract content automatically based on defined matter scope, including relevant date range, custodians, and/or channels to reduce data volumes.
  • Get all of the necessary data.  Slack exports include message content and links to attached files, but not the files themselves.  Hanzo Hold augments Slack Plus exports by recognizing these links for messages in scope for the matter and directly collecting relevant files and attachments. 
  • Rapidly glean insights. Leverage the robust search capabilities for investigation and early case assessment to gain immediate access to relevant content, and view in context as it appears in Slack.
  • Precisely export Slack data in a review-ready format. Export exactly the right data for review, without the need for subsequent culling, processing or complicated data conversion—saving time and downstream cost.

“Extending support for Slack Plus with Hanzo Hold, using Slack’s native export capabilities rather than API access afforded with an Enterprise Grid license, allows for a much broader set of organizations to benefit from the power of Hanzo Hold for Slack discovery,” said Brad Harris, VP of Product at Hanzo.  “As applications like Slack become more mainstream, organizations must develop more efficient mechanisms for preserving and reviewing collaboration content.  Since our inception, Hanzo has been at the forefront of managing complex, dynamic data and helping enterprises reduce the cost and risk associated with these emerging data sources.”

About Hanzo
Hanzo brings context and a greater understanding of enterprise data to corporate legal and compliance teams by providing in-house control over dynamic and collaborative data sources. This control allows organizations to reduce billions of dollars in risk, litigation, and compliance costs and elevate their corporate legal and regulatory compliance responses. Hanzo’s software empowers defensible preservation, targeted collection, and efficient review of dynamic content from enterprise collaboration applications and complex websites. Hanzo is SOC 2® Type 2 certified, demonstrating its commitment to data security and serves large corporations worldwide.  Learn more at hanzo.co and follow updates on Twitter: @gethanzo or on LinkedIn.

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