[HANZO WEBINAR] Three Things You Need To Know About Slack’s New Legal Hold


October 28, 2021, 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT

Placing defensible legal holds on Slack data has always required collecting the data to an external repository to preserve it while maintaining information governance policies, until now. Slack has added the ability to create and manage legal holds so that data can be preserved in place.  This new capability provides corporate ediscovery pros and Slack administrators with new tools and new options for their data management and ediscovery workflows. 

In this educational webinar, experts from IBM, Uber, Slack, and Hanzo will discuss:

  • common ediscovery challenges when dealing with collaboration tools like Slack
  • how Slack Legal Hold enables preserve-in-place and why this capability is so important, and 
  • explore best practices for managing retention and responding to discovery obligations.

Attendees will get insights into preservation strategies including when you would choose to rely on in-place preservation versus collecting-to-preserve, and will learn about the benefits of early case assessment, phased discovery, and more.

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