HaystackID: Certifications: An Indicator of eDiscovery Excellence


Extract from HaystackID’s article “Certifications: An Indicator of eDiscovery Excellence”

HaystackID is committed to supporting clients during audits, investigations, and litigation with industry-leading computer forensics, eDiscovery, and attorney document review experts, trained and proficient in the use of advanced technologies to accelerate and deliver positive outcomes. Our participation and performance in industry certification programs, as demonstrated through the achievement of industry-acknowledged and valued Relativity, Brainspace, and Nuix certifications, is but one of many reasons customers choose HaystackID when faced with complex, data-intensive investigations and litigation.

“There’s no secret as to why HaystackID has been able to consistently punch above its weight class in the delivery of eDiscovery services and support. Our veteran experience and certified expertise in the tools that form the bulwark of our eDiscovery capability help us regularly exceed customer requirements and expectations as we leverage the right tools, at the right time, to generate the right results. Our commitment to high-touch, high-value customer service focused through the lens of continuous improvement warrants that we vigorously and continuously invest in increasing the expertise and education of our eDiscovery project managers, consultants, and analysts. Our collective Relativity, Brainspace, and Nuix certification credentials are but one manifestation of this vital investment in the education of our team. An investment that ultimately allows our customers to focus on their core competencies while we focus on removing data and discovery headaches.”

Andy Parrish, Chief Operating Officer, HaystackID

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