HaystackID: The Right Choice for Secure Remote Review: Provider Considerations


Extract from HaystackID’s “The Right Choice for Secure Remote Review: Provider Considerations”

Editor’s Note: An overview of considerations for selecting secure remote review services as well as information on an upcoming educational webcast on review security and privacy consideration is provided in the following article to help ensure you make the right choice and best choice for your secure remote review needs for audits, investigations, and litigation.

Three Models of eDiscovery Review (1, 2)

Within the context of data and legal eDiscovery, the task of review consists of the evaluation of digital information to identify relevant and responsive documents to produce, and privileged documents or confidential or sensitive information to withhold. This important eDiscovery task represents a significant portion of the total worldwide spend on eDiscovery and is projected to consume approximately 68% ($7.41B) of all worldwide eDiscovery software and services spending in 2020.

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