HaystackID Webinar: The Only Thing Constant is Change: An eDiscovery Technology and Tools Update

HaystackID Webinar: The Only Thing Constant is Change: An eDiscovery Technology and Tools Update

Today, standardized collection, processing, and review processes and protocols are becoming commonplace. However, the technologies and tools that provide efficiencies and enhancements to these eDiscovery processes and protocols are continuing to evolve.

In this presentation, expert eDiscovery technologists and authorities will provide an overview of current technologies for data analytics, artificial intelligence, process automation, and data enhancement. They will also offer practical considerations for implementing current technologies and evaluating emerging technologies.

Webcast Highlights

+ A View from the Bench: How the Courts Are Considering New Technologies
+ Considering Forensic Analysis: New Technologies and Approaches
+ Beyond Tradition: An Update on Audio, Video, and Foreign Language Analysis
+ Emerging Data Types: Analyzing the New With the Latest Tools
+ Faster Review and Faster Decisions: Enhancing Document Review

Presenting Experts

+ Ashish Prasad

As VP and GC for HaystackID, Ashish is regarded as among the leading experts on discovery in the US. He has served as Litigation Partner, Founder and Chair of the Mayer Brown LLP Electronic Discovery and Records Management Practice, Founder and CEO of Discovery Services LLC, and VP and GC of eTERA Consulting.

+ Todd Haley

As Executive Vice President and General Manager for eDiscovery Operations for HaystackID, Todd provides consulting and operational guidance to help legal departments and law firms address matters related to the planning, management, and execution of eDiscovery.

+ Vazantha Meyers, Esq.

As Vice President of Managed Review for HaystackID, Vazantha has extensive experience in advising and helping customers achieve their legal document review objectives.