Helen Geib, QDiscovery, an XDD Company: Seven Steps to Build a Highly Collaborative Team

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Extract from Helen Geib’s article “Seven Steps to Build a Highly Collaborative Team” posted by CCBJ

Collaboration is an integral part of legal work. Good teamwork is especially important in litigation and complex transactions. Yet, traditionally it’s received little attention. Better collaboration can be a key differentiator and a major boost to your business.

Better Collaboration Leads to Better Results

Good collaboration has many benefits. Most important is the end result. Simply put, people who work well together do better work. Highly functioning teams are also more efficient, which keeps costs down and frees up team members’ time for other tasks. Improved employee morale is a long-term benefit of collaboration. Job satisfaction reduces turnover and its associated costs. Experienced legal professionals with institutional and project knowledge are an invaluable resource.

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