Helen Geib, QDiscovery: Strategic Uses for eDiscovery Analytics: Part 1

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Extract from Helen Geib’s article “Strategic Uses for eDiscovery Analytics: Part 1”

Analytics tools for eDiscovery are powerful, proven and readily available. They serve a number of critical strategic purposes. These include improved review efficiency, minimizing human review to cut costs and more effective review for substantive issues in the case.

Despite their proven value, eDiscovery analytics tools remain widely underutilized. One of the biggest barriers to greater adoption of analytics is a misplaced emphasis on what instead of why. Too often the discussion focuses on how the tools work instead of how they help.

Part one of this article offers two strategic reasons – and a bonus reason – why you should use eDiscovery analytics. Part two will discuss two more reasons to use analytics. The use case examples are meant to be illustrative only. Most analytics tools can be deployed to serve a variety of ends.

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