Heureka Software redefines legal multi-matter intelligence with Heureka ACT™

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Heureka Software redefines legal multi-matter intelligence with Heureka ACT™ (Advanced Classification and Tagging)
Aims to reduce the time and cost of the legal review process by applying and syncing intelligence gained during the review process back to endpoint systems.

CLEVELAND, OH – January 28, 2019 – Heureka Software (www.heurekasoftware.com) today announced the newest release for the Heureka Platform. Cloud-based or on-premises clients will have the added ability to create or import tags or classifications and apply them at file level. “Heureka ACT™ vastly reduces the time and cost associated with legal review by reusing data intelligence gained during the review process”, said Heureka’s Senior Product Manager Dave Ruel. Best of all, Heureka applies and syncs all intelligence across desktops, laptops and files shares running MacOS®, Windows®, or Linux®. “The age-old issue of legal multi-matter management whereby massive amounts of data must live and remain active forever is solved by Heureka”, states Heureka COO Nate Latessa.

In typical document reviews, attorneys examine documents and apply issue tags or classifications to them. At the end of a matter, all the work-product is typically stored long-term or discarded completely and the process begins again with a new matter. Intelligence gained during review is normally lost and the process must start over at zero. Heureka’s ACT changes the traditional workflow by applying and maintaining review intelligence in the Heureka command console and more importantly applies tags and classifications to any endpoint containing identical files. In other words, intelligence gained for a single file on a single custodian is propagated to all Heureka endpoints with matching files. Therefore, a file may only have to be reviewed one time in its entire lifecycle instead of multiple times in today’s typical E-Discovery lifecycle thus saving valuable time and money.

In addition to E-Discovery market benefit, Heureka customers gain the ability to import classification or tagging information from other systems such as text analytics or AI and machine learning platforms which can then get sync’d across all Heureka endpoints. Heureka’s goal of shared data intelligence takes a huge leap forward by providing a platform keeping files and endpoint intelligence sync’d together in a way that could never be achieved before.

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Heureka is a technical leader in endpoint searching, identifying and classification of information. Heureka’s brings order to unstructured data by automating the identification of risk and providing the tools needed to remediate and control data regardless of location or type. Heureka’s broad customer list covers higher education, technology, energy, as well as legal, government and healthcare.

For more information, visit www.heurekasoftware.com/ACT.

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