ACEDS and ILTA Have Joined Forces

Collaborating is the very definition of working smarter, not harder. As part of this joint effort, ILTA and ACEDS will host their top engaging content on their respective websites. It will be available to everyone in the legal industry, regardless of ILTA or ACEDS membership status.



eDiscovery and the Small Law Firm

In this podcast interview session, the speaker will flesh out some of those options as well as tools to have in-house to help make small firms more self-sufficient.

Art of the Virtual Trial

How are you managing virtual trials? What tools and software are you using for streaming? What have been the biggest pain points? So many tools have popped up - getting some real-world experiences would be great.

Data Breach Review Considerations

Data breaches are becoming more and more common. This roundtable discussion covers how to review records following a breach to locate information for privacy disclosure purposes and what tools and techniques can be used in the process.

Defensible Electronic Data Disposition

In this session, we’ll discuss some of the major red flags regarding electronic data storage & disposition we’ve seen, some industry best practices on how to get this data under control, and what the future of electronic data retention & disposition may look like.

How to Talk to Lawyers about eDiscovery and Data

Is there a miscommunication between your lawyers, clients and litigation support professionals? This session will share practical considerations for how to talk to your attorneys about data.


eDiscovery Project Management

As a Discovery Services and Litigation Support Coordinator, I have a 360-degree view of how projects are managed, both on the internal legal operations side as well as the eDiscovery and client matters side...

A Crash Course in TAR

Technology-assisted review (TAR) has gone from a new technology to a critical element in a relatively short period of time. The first judicial approval of TAR in e-discovery was in the United States...