International #eDiscoveryRockstar CEDS Spotlight – Australia: Dispute Resolution & Litigation Analyst Ricky Cooke at Baker McKenzie

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Please Share Your Thoughts on the Certification Training, How Long It Took You to Prepare for the Exam, Thoughts on the Exam and How It Has Benefitted You- Both the Knowledge Gained from Training and Certification and Being Part of the ACEDS Community as a Whole. (Whole Experience)

Taking the exam was an enjoyable experience as it validated knowledge gained over many years working in the area of eDiscovery. It was satisfying knowing that what I have learned in Australia was also best practice internationally.

Why Did You Decide to Get Certified? Do You Have Any Other Certifications?

  • Industry advantage and edge that could be marketed towards clients
  • Confirmed and validated my expertise
  • Greater exposure as a eDiscovery leader in Australia
  • Working at Baker McKenzie, I wanted an internationally recognized qualification that is internationally transferable.

Please Share Your Background of eDiscovery Experience:

  • Over 14 years legal experience, including 9 years at Baker McKenzie.
  • Practiced law in NSW (Australia) since 2009
  • Provided technical expertise and legal advice to clients and other relevant parties in accordance to Australian Court
  • Practice Notes and document exchange protocols
  • Utilize the entire EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model) life cycle on daily basis

Would You Recommend Our CEDS Training/Certification to Other?

Most definitely, anyone in eDiscovery should want to be certified and want all others working in the area to be competency assessed based on leading industry knowledge and best practices.

Advice to Others Looking to Take the Exam?

Don’t worry about the United States principles, the practices are transferable to anyone, anywhere. The right answer is the right answer, no matter if you are based in the US or not.

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