Introducing Hanzo Chronicle With Compliance Review

Hanzo, a technology pioneer, developing solutions to manage dynamic and complex collaboration and web-based data for enterprise legal and compliance risk management, is proud to introduce Hanzo Chronicle. Chronicle is an easy-to-use compliance workflow and archive solution that allows marketing and compliance teams to defensibly demonstrate compliance with regulations and policies from their corporate websites, SaaS applications, and any browser-accessible digital experiences.

Industry-proven Hanzo Dynamic Capture technology powers Chronicle, which delivers accurate native playback of captured content. The new compliance review workflow empowers teams to quickly review content, annotate with comments, and approve or reject pages. This workflow becomes part of an exportable audit log for either remediation or response to compliance reviews. 

Hanzo’s vision is to provide enterprises with a single source of truth for their communications data. Hanzo’s solutions enable companies to discover the truth in their data with applications that integrate with the next generation of data sources allowing companies to understand and control their dynamic data and respond to incidents such as audits, litigation, and investigations. 

“Enterprises face data management challenges with hard-to-capture sources. They need solutions that can immutably capture the highest-fidelity reproductions of dynamic web content. They also need an easy way to review their archives to support audits,” said Julien Masanès, Hanzo CEO. “Hanzo Chronicle delivers the lifelike native playback quality and adds in a review workflow that helps teams fully document their processes cross-departmentally so that everyone who should be involved is.”

Organizations must comply with increasingly complex regulations around archiving and preserving their online content, communications, internal audit systems, and digital marketing. Hanzo Chronicle provides enterprises with a: 

  • Single System Of Record – A single solution stores your site’s and application’s native (live functionality) playback, complete with time stamps ensuring authentic and verifiable records.
  • Defensible Process – Generate PDF reports and Audit logs during or after a review showing which pages have passed or failed, including reviewers’ annotations.
  • Control and Automation – Establish automatically recurring reviews for when you need to review the same content on a regular schedule (such as for FINRA disclosure statements or privacy disclosures for GDPR) or create single reviews on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Notifications and Tasks  – Reviewer notifications show start and due dates for assigned tasks, so managers never miss a deadline.
  • Alerts on Content  – Proactive alerts identify risks and non-compliant material on your site, empowering rapid remediation.

“Hanzo’s core Dynamic Capture technology now powers more than just our compliance solution. As we’re adding new capabilities, we felt it was time to differentiate Hanzo’s compliance solution from the technology with a new name,” said Masanès. “We believe the new name, Hanzo Chronicle, uniquely conveys its purpose — a chronicle of records that defensibly delivers the truth and provides a forum for reviews for enterprise compliance, legal, and marketing teams.” 

About Hanzo

Hanzo helps global enterprises manage and reduce legal risk wherever work gets done. Our vision is to provide enterprises with a single source of truth for their complex communications data. Hanzo solutions capture investigations, litigation, and compliance data from wherever employees collaborate — including hard-to-capture sources like Slack, Google Workspace, Jira, project management, collaboration platforms, and internal SaaS systems. Hanzo’s software empowers defensible preservation, targeted collection, and efficient review of dynamic content. Hanzo is SOC 2® Type 2 certified, demonstrating its commitment to data security and serving large corporations worldwide. Learn more at and follow updates on Twitter: @gethanzo or on LinkedIn.


Sarena Regazzoni, Senior Director of Communications, Hanzo
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Source: Hanzo