Isha Marathe: For Law Firms, Launching Generative AI Chatbots Requires More Than Just Novel Technology

Extract from Isha Marathe’s article “For Law Firms, Launching Generative AI Chatbots Requires More Than Just Novel Technology”

Deploying technology can often involve more than just the technology itself—and few know it better than the law firms launching generative artificial intelligence chatbots for their attorneys.

Just this summer, at least six firms have rolled out internal chatbots underpinned by generative AI: DentonsTroutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders, Davis Wright Tremain, Gunderson Dettmer Stough Villeneuve Franklin & Hachigian, Travers Smith, and Allens.

Each chatbot has its own set of capabilities, some which overlap, and some that are unique to the organization’s needs. However, in building them, law firms faced a common struggle—the tightrope walk between allowing their attorneys access to generative AI, while mitigating the risks that come with using the nascent technology for legal work.

To be sure, firms are taking various approaches to laying the groundwork for their tools to flourish safely—from firmwide cultural messaging, to collaboration with their insurance providers, to surveillance of user prompts. But whether the steps they take will be just enough, or too much—inhibiting the potential of their chatbots—is yet to be seen. Essentially, it’s early days. And most firms are keeping an open mind in their approach to generative AI policies as the technology evolves.

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