Jeffrey Wolff, ZyLAB: 6 Great Examples of Legal Counsel Using Technology

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Extract from Jeffrey Wolff’s article “6 Great Examples of Legal Counsel Using Technology”

In the corporate legal space, legal professionals face an uphill battle to remain on top of ongoing matters. To do this, in-house legal teams must manage tight deadlines and ensure the organization avoids legal risk. As a result of these pressures, legal teams are in search of tools and technology to solve or reduce the issues they are dealing with. 

Tools come in all shapes and sizes: some are point solutions that aim to tackle one specific issue. Others are broad, multi-faceted solution suites that offer a wide range of functions. Depending on need and budget, in-house legal teams can adjust their requirements. It should be no surprise that the more all-encompassing a tool is, the more expensive it gets. Complex tools also require a larger investment of time to become useful. Although more limited, a simple problem can sometimes need nothing more than a simple solution. 

In a different blog, I wrote on how technology really isn’t optional anymore in the modern legal space. That blog dealt with document review in particular, but the same concept applies. Although it is possible to face the challenges by expanding the team and adding raw manpower. The reality is that method of facing the challenge at hand is too expensive, time-consuming, and error-prone. A modern legal team needs more. 

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