Jeffrey Wolff, ZyLAB: 6 Ways Tech Helps The Legal Department Work Smarter

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Extract from Jeffrey Wolff’s article “6 Ways Tech Helps The Legal Department Work Smarter”

Technological competence is the number one skill that legal personnel need to succeed in their evolving role—and to help their organizations succeed. Why? With the pressure to produce better value per dollar—with fewer staff and reduced resources—legal departments must turn to technology to work smarter. To date, though, most legal departments haven’t fully embraced technology. In fact, corporate legal departments surveyed by Gartner for its 2021 State of the Legal Function report stated that the primary weakness exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic was their use of “technology solutions and level of adoption.” 

This article explores how technology can help corporate legal departments get better results in less time and with less effort expended. We’ll touch briefly on how technology benefits lawyers before turning to six specific types of tech that can help legal departments work smarter. 

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