Jennifer Bantelman, Zapproved: Four Ways the Cloud Can Help Your In-house Legal Team


Extract from Jennifer Bantelman’s article “Four Ways the Cloud Can Help Your In-house Legal Team”

Let’s face it: the legal industry is not known for being at the cutting edge of technology. While consumers and others have flocked to cloud services, risk-averse legal pros have largely held back. Moreover, today’s corporate legal teams are losing budget and staff at the same time that litigation is exploding. It’s hard to spend precious time and energy learning a new technology when you have less money, fewer people, and more work. Nonetheless, in-house legal teams should consider seizing this moment to embrace the cloud to handle processes like holds and discovery.

Most of us use one or more cloud services across many areas of life, such as Google Docs, Facebook, or Netflix. Businesses, too, are increasingly turning to the cloud to power sales, finance, and other routine processes. In many cases, you can’t even buy on-premise software anymore as vendors have gone all-in on the cloud. Electronic discovery is no exception. Gartner reckons that 70% of companies will have in-house legal capabilities by 2023, compared with less than 20% last year. Those capabilities will almost certainly be served by the cloud. Let’s look at the ways moving to the cloud can help your legal team.

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