Jim Gill, Hanzo: Ediscovery New Year’s Resolution: Put Your Data Collections on a Diet


Extract from Jim Gill’s article “Ediscovery New Year’s Resolution: Put Your Data Collections on a Diet”

It’s already February, and chances are, most of us have already broken our New Year’s Resolutions. But no matter the time of year, when it comes to your ediscovery workflow, it’s never too late to trim the data you’re collecting from messaging platforms and other SaaS applications.

Collaboration Data Brings New Challenges to Pre-Collection ECA

One of the biggest challenges with these data sources is scoping large environments. 

Some companies may still be adopting collaboration platforms into their tech stacks, so these data environments are relatively manageable should a matter arise. However, this type of data grows exponentially, even more so than email, and what may be manageable today will be overwhelming in a matter of years or even months.

In large enterprises that were early adopters of messaging apps like Slack or MS Teams, it’s not unusual to see hundreds of millions of messages spread across millions of channels combined with one-to-one and group messages. 

In a recent Hanzo blog, Trends for Collaboration Data Ediscovery in 2023, I mentioned examples from IBM’s Slack environment where a single custodian was connected to over 8000 unique channels [with each channel comprised of countless messages], and a single matter that contained 86 million messages connected to only 26 custodians.

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