Jim Gill, Hanzo: Frictionless Ediscovery: Reducing Context Switching in Your Workflow


Extract from Jim Gill’s article “Frictionless Ediscovery: Reducing Context Switching in Your Workflow”

Let’s face it, if litigation is imminent and you’re preparing for the discovery process, friction has already taken place between opposing parties. But that’s not what I mean when I’m talking about “frictionless ediscovery.” 

Instead, I’m looking at the friction created by context switching. If you haven’t heard of it, I know you’ve experienced it. So let’s take a deeper look.

What is Context Switching?

Context switching is when we jump between different tasks, apps, or projects. We receive notices on a communication platform, then bounce over to project management software, all while trying to listen in on a video meeting. We have dozens of browser tabs open, and it feels like we’re multitasking, constantly moving from one thing to another, but this actually doesn’t leave much productive time and space for deep work, which cuts into productivity and increases burnout. We feel exhausted and yet still have things to do.

What are the Effects of Context Switching?

We can certainly feel the anecdotal effects of context switching, but what is the real impact?

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