Julien Masanès, Hanzo: Navigating Out of the AI Pilot Purgatory: A Roadmap to Success


Extract from Julien Masanès’s article “Navigating Out of the AI Pilot Purgatory: A Roadmap to Success”

In the ever-evolving world of AI, many organizations find themselves trapped in what several affectionately term the “pilot purgatory.” They’re stuck in a cycle of testing and retesting, never quite making the leap to full-scale implementation. So, how do you break free and harness the true potential of AI? Let’s dive in.

Key considerations for navigating out of AI pilot purgatory

Focus on the Job, Not the Toy

It’s easy to get dazzled by the latest AI demo or trend. However, the real magic happens when you focus on the primary job to be done. AI’s versatility means it can be tailored to fit your specific needs, so prioritize based on value, adoption, and feasibility. Identify the core business outcomes you’re aiming for, be it customer acquisition, reducing churn, or improving service.

Large Projects vs. Incremental Changes

While it might be tempting to overhaul everything at once, GenAI often offers the ability to augment existing processes with the greatest degree of impact, and lowest barrier to entry  This means that a complete transformation might not always be the best approach. Instead, focus on targeted, incremental changes that can be easily integrated and controlled.

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