Justin Smith, Everlaw: The Top Ediscovery Certification Programs in 2024

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Extract from Justin Smith’s article “The Top Ediscovery Certification Programs in 2024”

Electronic discovery, or ediscovery as it is known, is one of the tenets of legal work today. The digital transformation of our world means that every text, email, Slack message, and Zoom call is potentially discoverable and fair game in court. Everyone from partners to paralegals are confronted with this data every single day.

The ability to comb through millions of documents to find the data that’s essential to your case is fast becoming an important skill for every type of legal professional. As the amount of potentially discoverable data grows, navigating the ediscovery process will only take on greater importance.

Ediscovery certification is a way to learn more about the discovery process generally, and legitimize your skills to become an ediscovery expert.

What Is Ediscovery Certification?

Ediscovery certification validates the expertise and knowledge of legal professionals in managing electronic data within the legal framework. It encompasses a broad range of skills, from understanding legal requirements and litigation processes to mastering the technology used to handle digital evidence.

Those certified in ediscovery have demonstrated their ability to effectively manage ediscovery projects, ensuring that digital evidence is handled in a legally compliant and efficient manner.

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