Justin Smith, Everlaw: Two Legal Experts Deliver a Masterclass Panel on AI in the Justice System

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Extract from Justin Smith’s article “Two Legal Experts Deliver a Masterclass Panel on AI in the Justice System”

Judge Paul Grimm and Dr. Maura Grossman Discuss GenAI and the Law

“I think people are living in one of two or three universes at the present time,” Dr. Maura Grossman told the crowd gathered in the Grand Ballroom of The Palace Hotel during the final day of Everlaw Summit ‘23. “One universe is utopian, and the proliferation of generative AI is all good. This is where my computer science students live, in this world… Then universe two is the existential risk world where, oh, dear, the end is coming, we’re all gonna become paper clips in a matter of time. And then there’s universe three. I think I’m living in universe three.”

This metaphorical universe three, as Dr. Grossman explained, was where the benefits of AI were obvious, as well as the risks, and the focus centered on marrying the two sides to create a tool that could benefit everyone.

This idea kicked off the panel Adjudicating at the Edge of Law and Technology, where Dr. Grossman, research professor for the University of Waterloo and expert on the intersection of AI and the law, was joined in her “universe three” by former U.S. District Court Judge and current Duke Law School professor Judge Paul Grimm, as well as Everlaw’s own Strategic Discovery Advisor Chuck Kellner, to discuss AI impacts on the American legal system.

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