KLDiscovery: The KLDiscovery Advantage: Supplementary Information Requests (SIR)

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Extract from KLDiscovery’s article “The KLDiscovery Advantage: Supplementary Information Requests (SIR)”

KLDiscovery (KLD) employs the most powerful processing and review platforms to ensure timely, accurate data production to domestic and international agencies when clients seek regulatory approval for mergers and acquisitions. Projects involving Supplementary Information Requests (SIR) are notorious for their complex nature, often involving massive volumes of data and demanding deadlines. KLD’s dedicated SIR team is acutely aware of the dynamics of eDiscovery in high-pressure regulatory landscapes, working to proficiently maintain transparency and compliance with global competition bureaus, including the Canadian Competition Bureau (CCB), the European Commission, and US authorities, among others.

Like many merger compliance processes, SIRs are typically high-profile, fast-moving, and critical to a company’s long-term success. Accordingly, KLD works closely with clients and Counsel to utilize cost-efficient and defensible measures to meet case objectives. With that experience comes a unique set of knowledge and support delivered through a combination of dedicated employees, thoughtful practices, and innovative technology. When considering the delicate nuances associated with successfully submitting SIRs to the CCB, KLD provides assurances to all parties involved through our SIR workflow support protocol, which emphasizes processes that demand both defensible and repeatable results.

KLD focuses on the following critical elements while guiding clients through the SIR process

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