Emerging Partner

Originating from the dynamic environment of Cornell Tech in New York City, LAER AI specializes in developing cutting-edge, proprietary machine learning and NLP solutions specifically tailored to revolutionize the legal sector, with an emphasis on the ediscovery and document review process. Founded in 2018 by distinguished machine learning and natural language processing experts Dr. Igor Labutov and Dr. Bishan Yang, LAER AI stands at the forefront of technological innovation in the legal domain. Both founders, alums of Cornell and Carnegie Mellon, have brought their extensive knowledge to spearhead the company's pioneering efforts.

A significant achievement in LAER AI's journey is its collaboration with and minority investment from Sullivan & Cromwell, a global AmLaw 25. This strategic alliance highlights LAER AI's cutting-edge technology integration into legal workflows, improving efficiency and precision in intricate legal cases, thereby instilling confidence in its capabilities.

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