LDM Global Announces Partnership to Offer and Support Nuix Discover

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LDM Global Announces Partnership to Offer and Support Nuix Discover

Source: LDM Global

Technology-neutral eDiscovery company chooses Nuix Discover to further support clients

LDM Global has partnered with Nuix (www.nuix.com) to offer and support Nuix Discover (formerly called Ringtail) software for its clients.

Continuing its commitment to streamline the discovery process and offer multiple eDiscovery tools for its clients, LDM Global will offer Nuix Discover globally. Nuix Discover is a complete end-to-end eDiscovery software. It combines the patented data processing power of the Nuix engine with efficient review capabilities to rapidly index, search, analyze and extract meaningful material in a range of formats –  from Excel and Word files to video and social media content – for faster and more accurate data analysis by law firms, government, corporations and law enforcement.

“We are very excited to be able to add another software tool to our suite of products,” said Chief Customer Officer Bernard Jarroush. “Many law firms and corporations in Australia specifically are familiar with Ringtail, now called Nuix Discover, and have asked us about supporting the tool. Now globally, clients will have one more option to choose from, as we make recommendations on their specific case needs and they have their own internal preferences.”

Although LDM Global is technology neutral, it strives to offer the best and most popular software for its clients, ensuring its consultants are experts in the tools. By working with LDM Global’s certified consultants, clients benefit from expertise in workflow management, including setting up a project and dashboard for maximum efficiency, ensuring defensibility of the project and streamlining production.

Offered on-premise or as an SaaS model, Nuix Discover has powerful data analytic and processing capabilities that when combined with LDM Global’s support can greatly reduce discovery times and manpower costs associated with digital investigation, cybersecurity, litigation and governance.

‘’We are proud to be partnering with LDM Global, a trusted global litigation support firm to extend our offering to the legal market,’’ said Nuix Group CEO Rod Vawdrey. ‘’Customers have been asking for more choice for eDiscovery, and with the growth of our eDiscovery platform, this partnership with LDM Global will help us to provide that choice and to meet market demands.’’