LDM Global Case Study: eDisclosure services help streamline messy disclosure

Extract from LDM Global’s case study “eDisclosure services help streamline
messy disclosure”

LDM Global was contacted by Ogier’s Guernsey office to support the eDisclosure in a construction dispute. Ogier’s client had renovated a house and claimed the renovations were not done properly. The client was suing the architect and the construction company involved, and the lawsuit had been going on for years.

The defendants had a large amount of electronically stored information, or ESI, including photographs, site plans, spreadsheets and architectural drawings. These had been disclosed to Ogier in what the case lead, Ogier Associate Michael Rogers, called the “worst disclosure I’ve seen in my life.” The disclosure was done in seven batches, with both hard copy and electronic files, and resulted in a very high number of duplicate documents in different folders and subfolders. Ogier contracted with LDM Global to process the documents into one database to help streamline the review.

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