LDM Global: How to Ensure Value When Outsourcing Your Document Review Project

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Extract from LDM Global’s “How to Ensure Value When Outsourcing Your Document Review Project”

Document discovery is the largest component of legal spend in a litigation. The enormous volume of data created by companies can make the collection, processing, review and production of discovery documents an overwhelmingly expensive exercise. To address these concerns, companies and law firms are recognizing the value of working with managed document review service providers. Outsourcing is an alternative and typically more cost-effective option to traditional document review. Although reducing costs is a key driver to outsource, the benefits can add much more value than simple cost savings.

LDM Global’s Marketing Manager Allison Miriani sat down with Legal Services Director Rashmi Kishore, a lawyer with more than two decades of experience, who oversees the document review team in India.

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