Leah Langston, Zapproved: How To Win Ediscovery Software Support From Key Stakeholders

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Extract from Leah Langston’s “How To Win Ediscovery Software Support From Key Stakeholders”

Moving even a portion of your organization’s ediscovery from outside counsel to your own legal department can be a daunting prospect that involves many decision-makers, each with their own priorities. Every organization has a handful of key stakeholders that need to sign off on the transition to in-house ediscovery. These can include General Counsel, the head of Legal Operations, IT stakeholders, and sometimes even C-Suite executives. Additional influencers can include the end user—which is why decision-makers should prioritize ease of use as a top consideration—as well as outside counsel or consultants.

When it comes to the purchasing decision, each stakeholder has unique considerations and sometimes competing priorities, so it’s important to tailor your communication about ediscovery to each audience. In this post, we’ll walk through some tips to help you effectively make your case with each of these key players.

A great place to start making the case for in-house ediscovery is with a legal operations lead. Legal ops is focused on balancing cost reduction and risk mitigation, while ensuring efficiency throughout the department. They’re often the most attuned to the processes, technology, and budget of the legal department, and they will be aware of most outstanding weaknesses and potential opportunities to reduce cost.

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