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LTPI Sunsets Itself, Work Product to Live On

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As a late Board member of the Legal Technology Professionals Institute (LTPI), my profound gratitude to the originators, officers and participants in the collaboration and resulting work product.  -Mary Mack

The time has come…
In early 2015, a group of dedicated industry veterans joined together to establish the Legal Technology Professionals Institute. Our stated mission:

To establish, build, and maintain a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) industry trade association to represent all participants in the legal technology industry, including providers and consumers of technology products and services, and provide the industry as a whole with operational and ethical standards, best practices, guidelines, resources, forums, and public advocacy.

Running a non-profit corporation with multiple ongoing programs and projects requires significant financial resources along with enormous personal dedication and commitment. From the beginning, LTPI has been led by an all-volunteer team — each with a full-time day job. The intent was to hire professional staff to manage the Institute programs and projects once we had reached the necessary funding levels. Unfortunately, that day never arrived, and we have, over time, lost the wind from our sails.

The Board of Directors of the Legal Technology Professionals Institute has explored multiple options that might allow us to continue fulfilling the mission of the Institute, but sadly we have determined that our only realistic option at this point is to cease operations and begin the process of winding down our non-profit, non-stock corporation.

Over the past three years, many members of our community donated countless hours towards achieving the mission of LTPI. The time and commitment of these individuals has led to the creation of numerous professional standards, guidelines and other works that are in use across the industry, and regularly included in CLE programs. We have also relied upon the kindness of several benefactors over the years to cover our operational costs. To all of you, please accept our most sincere and humble gratitude.

To ensure that the fine work product created by the community remains available to the community, we are working on plans to create a publicly accessible archive of our final materials and continue to maintain it under a Creative Commons license, as we have from the beginning. We intend to make a public announcement once that transformation is complete.

With most sincere thanks and warm wishes…

The LTPI Board of Directors


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