Mallory Hendry: How the Tech Can You Streamline Litigation?

Extract from Mallory Hendry’s article “How the Tech Can You Streamline Litigation?”

There’s no way around it: data is modernizing, workflows are digitizing, and the world is working in a different way than it did not so long ago. More and more, we communicate and collaborate digitally.  

Firms and corporate legal departments of all sizes increasingly recognize the value in technological options. They want to be more efficient, control costs, increase the breadth and quality of reviews and outputs, and get the right data quickly and comprehensively – and they know that now more than ever, legal technology is necessary to help prepare for, and streamline, litigation.

But in an everchanging environment overloaded with options, it’s important to highlight when, why, and how various technologies can help. As legal costs rise and firms face increased competition, it’s crucial to stay ahead and ensure you’re utilizing the right technology that meets the needs of your matters and teams.

Hosted by Abbas Najarali and Tiana Van Dyk, Senior Directors of Operations & Managed Services and Client Services, respectively, at Epiq Global, an upcoming webinar will take a look at how new datatypes affect collection efficiency – for example, not using the right method of collection can significantly impact cost of review – the efficiencies to be gained during the review process itself, how to simplify your matter’s story using fact management software, and trial books and presentation technology to simplify the walk to court.

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