Matthew Vargo, Relativity: 6 Crucial Tips from the Field to Help You Build Your Cybersecurity Strategy

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Extract from Matthew Vargo’s article “6 Crucial Tips from the Field to Help You Build Your Cybersecurity Strategy”

Early research from Check Point Solutions indicates cyber attacks increased 38 percent in 2022. Software vulnerabilities, remote work, hacker sophistication, and increased business applications and attack surfaces all contributed to the rise.

Relativity’s network of certified partners work daily in the fields of breach and cyber attack response. They help their clients identify breaches, pinpoint affected data, and establish an appropriate and compliant response—as well as prevent future breaches.

As your organization arms itself against—or, in a worst case scenario, falls victim to—an attack, that sort of expertise is just the thing you’ll need to gather. So we’ve done a bit of the footwork for you by gathering advice from our partners.

Here’s what we learned.

1: Keep in mind that attack vectors are always evolving.

Cyber threats continue to evolve with threat actors’ changing business models to take advantage of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and low code/no code automation. Factor in the change in ransomware operating models, more frequent use of double-ransom tactics, and exfiltration of databases—in addition to personal data and the growing bevy of data privacy laws and regulations in the US and globally—and you get a significant amount of organizational risk that needs to be mitigated.

– Brian Wilson, Managing Director, BDO USA, LLP

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