Matthew Verga, XDD: The Sedona Conference on BYOD – Mobile Devices Update, Part 5

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The Sedona Conference on BYOD – Mobile Devices Update, Part 5

A multi-part update on the discovery challenges posed by the proliferation and popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices

by Matthew Verga, JD, Xact Data Discovery

In “Data on the Move,” we discussed new usage data, new evidence of evidence, and new technology news related to mobile devices in eDiscovery.  In “A Few Recent Cases,” we began our review of recent mobile device cases.  In “A Few More Recent Cases,” we continued that review, and in “One More Case and Key Takeaways,” we concluded it.  In this Part, we conclude with a review of some recent BYOD guidance.

In our original mobile devices series, we touched on the growing prevalence of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, writing:

. . . the trend over the last eight years has been towards allowing employees to bring their own device and connect it to company email and other mobile services.  A majority of companies now have or are planning to adopt BYOD-friendly policies, and many organizations are planning to start requiring employees to bring their own device.

This trend was a response to the rising cost to organizations of purchasing smartphones for employees and to employees’ strong personal preferences about smartphone brands and models.

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