Meg McLaughlin, Zapproved: 5 Tips for Implementing In-House Document Review

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Extract from Meg McLaughlin’s article “5 Tips for Implementing In-House Document Review”

Pop quiz: Which is growing faster – corporate data volumes or ediscovery expenses?

Trick question! The answer doesn’t matter, because they are each skyrocketing, and legal teams are on the hook for both.

As data storage becomes virtually limitless and new workplace technologies emerge, organizations and their employees are generating exponentially more data each year. Data retention policies can help, but the fact is that legal teams are responsible for preserving, collecting, and reviewing mountains of electronically stored information (ESI). Today, we’re going to  focus on the review, formally known as document review, side of things.

What is Document Review? (H2)

Document review is the stage of the EDRM in which organizations examine documents connected to a litigation matter to determine if they are relevant, responsive, or privileged. It is often the most labor intensive and expensive part of the ediscovery process. Review is the final stage before production, in which a litigant provides discoverable information to its opponent.

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