Meg McLaughlin, Zapproved: Ediscovery Security: How to Protect Corporate Legal Data

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Extract from Meg McLaughlin’s article “Ediscovery Security: How to Protect Corporate Legal Data”

Mitigating risk is important to legal professionals regardless of their role or area of expertise. Many investigations involve sensitive data and serious allegations, all of which have the potential for additional complications if the information is mishandled. Today, we’re discussing one of the primary risks associated with ediscovery: data security.

What is Data Security for Ediscovery?

All organizations handle sensitive data, whether it’s medical records, employee social security numbers, recipes and other trade secrets, or any other type of information that could be disastrous if it fell into the wrong hands. While your company might do a great job of protecting those records when they’re housed within its walls, what happens when they get out? With data breaches becoming more common every day, the risk can be high, especially if you’re sending files to third-party providers for legal document review. What’s a corporate legal team to do?

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