Mike Hamilton, Exterro: The Continuing Trend of Moving E-Discovery Operations In-House

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Extract from Mike Hamilton’s article “The Continuing Trend of Moving E-Discovery Operations In-House”

Perhaps one of the more understated statistics from Exterro’s 2019 In-House Benchmarking Report pertains to the growth of internal e-discovery teams. Over the last five years that we’ve been surveying legal professionals, we’ve seen a mostly steady climb in both the number of e-discovery teams established within corporate legal departments and the size of those teams. This year’s survey indicated that 50% of in-house legal departments now have an on-site e-discovery team.

Considering e-discovery is now an estimated $10 to $17 billion industry, this may not be all that surprising. But the more dramatic proliferation has been with IT assisting in e-discovery operations. 

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