Mike Quartararo, ACEDS: If One Good Thing Could Come From This Damn Virus…

Extract from Mike Quartararo’s article “If One Good Thing Could Come From This Damn Virus…”

One of the hats I’ve worn in my career is that of an educator. Whether it was training new attorneys and paralegals, teaching academic classes, or just coaching someone in a current or future role, I’ve been teaching for decades.

And I’ve spent the better part of the past 10 years working to convince law school and paralegal school leaders -– frankly, anyone who’d listen — that online education (aka distance learning) is the future. It’s the big disrupter that the education business needs. Now, with the unprecedented COVID-19 virus, it seems that all of the schools in the world, from K-12 to undergrad and graduate ones, have transitioned online inside the course of a few weeks. Amazing!

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