Mike Quartararo: Top 10 ‘New Rules’ For 2019

Extract from Mike Quartararo’s article “Top 10 ‘New Rules’ For 2019”

In the spirit of the New Year, it seems appropriate to start 2019 by simultaneously poking fun at the legal profession and providing some insight into issues facing legal operations and technology professionals. There are plenty of lawyer jokes out there. This is not that. These are more in the spirit of new year’s resolutions we all make and hardly ever stick to. Think of these new rules as a sort of aspirational wish list. And for anyone taking life too seriously right now, these quips are meant to be funny, silly, and generally harmless. If you feel otherwise, write your congressional representative or local bar, not me.

New RuleAny lawyer who says technology and innovation in the legal business is putting lawyers out of work should have credits deducted from their CLE account I mean, c’mon, we’re better than this in the legal business, aren’t we? If you don’t respect and value technologies as tools to make the practice of law more efficient and thereby make time for new or more prosperous opportunities, perhaps you’re in the wrong business.

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