Monica Harris, Cellebrite: Data in the Cloud: Strategies for Smart Collection from Workplace Applications

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Extract from Monica Harris’s article “Data in the Cloud: Strategies for Smart Collection from Workplace Applications”

Key takeaways from our on-demand webinar titled ‘Tips and Tricks: Data Collection for Cloud Workplace Applications’.

Cloud-based workplace applications have transformed the way organizations communicate and collaborate. Platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Workspace, and SharePoint have become central to daily operations, enabling seamless interaction and efficient document sharing.

However, with this technological shift comes the challenge of effectively managing and retrieving data generated within these platforms, especially when it comes to legal compliance and internal investigations.

The Significance of Cloud Workplace App Collection

The widespread adoption of cloud workplace apps underscores the need for efficient data collection strategies. These platforms house a treasure trove of information—messages, files, attachments, and more—that can prove pivotal in legal matters or internal inquiries.

Ensuring the ability to collect and manage this data is imperative for organizations looking to remain compliant and mitigate risks.

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