Monica Harris, Cellebrite: Preparing for eDiscovery: A Simplified Approach to Text and Chat Data

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Extract from Monica Harris’s article “Preparing for eDiscovery: A Simplified Approach to Text and Chat Data”

Key takeaways from our on-demand webinar titled ‘Collecting Custodian Data to Prepare for Review’.

Text and chat data have become invaluable sources of information for investigations and eDiscovery processes today, particularly with the widespread use of mobile phones. With communication predominantly happening through messaging apps, social media platforms, and emails, these digital conversations offer crucial insights into various matters, ranging from legal disputes to corporate investigations.

In this blog, we will explore how our unified solution, Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector, simplifies the process of remotely collecting data from custodian computers, mobile devices, and workplace applications, preparing it for review.

  1. The Importance of Custodian Data Collection

Collecting custodian data is a vital step in conducting thorough and legally sound investigations. These data collections provide real-time and historical records of conversations and interactions, shedding light on motives, relationships, and events. Moreover, text and chat data have gained recognition as admissible evidence in legal proceedings, making their collection and preservation essential for any investigation.

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