Navigating AI Hallucinations and Court Requirements: A Must for Attorneys

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Check out the latest article on LinkedIn by James Sherer, a renowned attorney and Co-Chair of the Emerging Tech Team at BakerHostetler. The article highlights the increasing implications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal profession.

U.S. District Judge Brantley Starr (N.D. Texas) has now mandated a “Mandatory Certification Regarding Generative Artificial Intelligence” for attorneys appearing before the court. This certification requires attorneys to confirm that either AI generated no part of their filing or that any AI-generated content was verified for accuracy by a human using reliable legal sources.

Judge Starr emphasizes that while AI platforms have their merits, they are prone to hallucinations, bias, and lack the allegiance and conviction human attorneys possess. Attorneys must proactively understand and adhere to the court’s requirements and the emerging ethical and legal issues associated with AI usage in the practice of law. Failure to comply with the certification requirement may lead to the striking of an attorney’s filing.

Read the full LinkedIn article here to stay informed about this critical development in the legal field.

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Maribel Rivera
VP, Strategy and Client Engagement at ACEDS
As Vice President of Strategy and Client Engagement at ACEDS, Maribel is responsible for local chapter, membership, event management, and strategic partner engagement. A seasoned professional who has helped brands and businesses connect with their audiences and achieve their goals, her breadth of experience, strategic and creative abilities unlock innovation and bring business ideas to life. Prior to ACEDS, she consulted for a variety of private clients in technology, education, and recruiting, crafting and leading marketing and operations solutions for small and mid-sized companies. She also worked as director of sales operations for Fronteo USA Inc. An active member of Women in eDiscovery and ARMA Metro NYC, she also devotes time to charitable work. She speaks regularly on marketing and diversity and inclusion. When she isn’t working, Maribel enjoys traveling, reading, education and working out. Reach her at [email protected].
VP, Strategy and Client Engagement at ACEDS

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