Nick Inglis, IPRO: A GC’s Guide to Prioritizing Information Governance Projects

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Extract from Nick Inglis’s article “A GC’s Guide to Prioritizing Information Governance Projects”

General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers are facing a new challenge: prioritizing information-related projects across their firm.

With competing interests across various disciplines: privacy, security, information governance, information management, documents, records, discovery, data science, etc., it’s no wonder that General Counsel and CLOs tasked with making these ultimate decisions are in a challenging position.

 All information projects should be envisioned within the context of a larger Information Governance vision for a firm or company. So, in an ideal environment, I would suggest you perform a “current state assessment” that includes the analysis of your organization’s:

  • information architecture
  • reference architecture (a helpful type of technology map)
  • cultural maturity
  • technical maturity
  • policy
  • process

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