Nick Inglis, IPRO: Go Build Bridges: Sharing Ideas at Legalweek

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Extract from Nick Inglis’s article “Go Build Bridges: Sharing Ideas at Legalweek”

I’m still elated to see the return to in-person events – there is so much to share now that we’re getting back together. Earlier this month, I returned to the stage at Legalweek to share ideas with the brilliant Linn Freedman (Chair, Privacy & Cybersecurity at Robinson + Cole; Adjunct Professor, Brown University & Roger Williams Law School). 

Our discussion noted that as new privacy and security regulations come to the fore at the same time as an increase in cybersecurity and privacy incidents, it combines complexity with risk, creating fear among information professionals.  

As fear increases, all information disciplines want a more generous connection to (and frankly, the greater liability coverage provided by) legal departments. Now, this fear response is overwhelming legal professionals. So, it makes sense that a new layer is growing in the enterprise: Information Governance or coordinated information strategy. 

This new layer of strategy isn’t the same as the strategic direction provided by CIOs or CTOs (or even CISOs or CSOs), who often are focused on software and systems. These are professionals looking at the contents of the software and systems: the information. These strategic professionals focused on information are now leveraging modern tools and technology to protect and increase the value of information assets. 

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