Nick Inglis, IPRO: ILTA’s 2021 Technology Survey Highlights Need for Information Governance

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Extract from Nick Inglis’s article “ILTA’s 2021 Technology Survey Highlights Need for Information Governance”

ILTA’s 2021 Technology Survey captures many of the rapid changes in the eDiscovery space today. While each of these trends separately can be managed with individual workarounds, together, they serve as a clarion call for Information Governance.

Many of the changes reflected in ILTA’s 2021 update were trends accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid shift to a largely work from home (WFH) environment.

The first trend noted in the report is that of “simplicity and quiet” – a push that may be a counterpoint to a lot of the chaos and confusion that legal professionals experienced through the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Legal technology solutions that are preferable now minimize disruption and easily add to the law firm technology solutions’ stack.

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