Nick Inglis, IPRO: InfoGov Day 2022 & The Future of Information Governance

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Extract from Nick Inglis’s article “InfoGov Day 2022 & The Future of Information Governance”

InfoGov Day 2022 is this Thursday, February 17. 

As we celebrate how far this discipline and its’ professionals have come, we look toward a strong future for Information Governance. This inaugural year’s celebration through has a theme of “Information Governance is Everywhere,” and it does feel as though Information Governance has finally reached a critical mass.  

Kicking off this year’s celebration, IPRO has joined with to hold a special edition of the IPRO Morning Show with industry experts Ann Snyder and Steve Weissman,myself and IPRO’s Director of Product Frederic Bourget. Together we’ll be talking about the upcoming celebration and looking to the future for what we think it may hold for Information Governance.  

In preparing to talk with this brilliant trio, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on the future of Information Governance. 

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