Nicole Black, MyCase: Tech Tips For The Traveling Lawyer

Extract from Nicole Black’s article “Tech Tips For The Traveling Lawyer”

Over the years, I’ve tried many different devices and apps in search of tools that will make my travels more productive, less stressful, and, if at all possible, relaxing. Through a selective process of elimination, I’ve honed my travel arsenal down to a few key tools that I’ve found to be incredibly useful. So, without further ado, from one frequent traveler to another, here are a few of my favorite gadgets and apps that I consistently rely on when I’m on the road.

A reliable, thin, lightweight laptop computer is a must. I happen to use a 2018 13-inch MacBook Pro, and it fits easily into my carry-on laptop bag, and doesn’t weigh me down when I’m running through an airport trying to make a connecting flight. But of course, any lightweight, reliable laptop will do the trick.

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