Nuix and ACEDS Partner at Legalweek 2024: Discover the New

Nuix and ACEDS Partner at Legalweek 2024

As a leading force in investigative analytics and intelligence software, Nuix is excited to join forces with ACEDS, the premier authority in e-discovery training and certification, at the forthcoming Legalweek 2024.  

This gathering is an essential calendar entry for legal tech professionals, and the collaboration between Nuix and ACEDS promises a variety of activities including an informative panel discussion, unique training sessions, an executive dinner experience, and more. 

The longstanding partnership between ACEDS and Nuix, two titans in the field of investigative analytics and intelligence, is a testament to their shared commitment to delivering unparalleled solutions. This alliance combines ACEDS’s recognized eDiscovery training and certification with Nuix’s powerhouse software, designed to streamline processes, connect the dots, and uncover complex relationships with forensic depth. Through this partnership, ACEDS and Nuix continue to empower professionals in their field, providing the tools and training necessary to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of eDiscovery and investigative analytics. 

During Legalweek, attendees will gain valuable knowledge to bolster their organization’s data protection framework and minimize exposure to legal disputes, in the panel discussion, Navigating Data Security, Data Privacy, and Cybersecurity Litigation Trends and Regulatory Compliance on Wednesday, January 31st at 3:30 p.m.Nuix and ACEDS experts will analyze recent cases, precedents, and rulings, offering insights into emerging liability risks and strategies to mitigate potential legal challenges.  

Additionally, ACEDS President, Michael Quartararo will join Nuix CEO, Jonathan Rubinsztein for an exclusive, invitation-only executive dinner in New York on January 31, 2024. Guests will join other senior executives across corporate, law firms and government for an evening of insightful conversation around emerging trends, shared concerns, and best practices to overcome business challenges. Seats are limited. If you’re interested in joining, visit LEGALWEEK 2024: Discover the new at Nuix | Nuix.

Nuix also has exciting, new CLE and product showcase webinars with ACEDS available in February. Visit Nuix at Booth #1604 during Legalweek to learn more about the benefits of attending and register for these sessions.   

Discover New at Nuix 

With over two decades of global leadership in data intelligence software, and the unrivaled ability and powerful functionality of the patented Nuix Engine at its heart, Nuix solutions solve customers’ most challenging data problems. Nuix’s data intelligence platform delivers powerful functionality, and an integrated and automated user experience making data collection, analysis, review, and production faster, easier, and smarter. Nuix empowers its customers to be a force for good by finding truth in the digital world and assists them with challenges as diverse as criminal investigations, data privacy, eDiscovery, regulatory compliance and insider threats. 

Nuix has been working tirelessly on their product strategy over the past year and is ready to unveil exciting advancements at Legalweek 2024, which include: 

  • An exclusive sneak peek of their brand-new Legal Solution 
  • Anticipated updates to Nuix Discover, their award-winning solution was recently recognized as the Gold Medalist and Leader in the 2023 Info-Tech’s SoftwareReview eDiscovery Data Quadrant Report 
  • Significant innovation leaps in their AI-powered, fully integrated platform that provides world class end-to-end customer experience and value, thanks to their acquisition of Rampiva 

Learn how you can connect with and be one of the first to discover what’s new at Nuix. LEGALWEEK 2024: Discover the new at Nuix | Nuix