Olga V. Mack and Kassi Burns: Legal Tech: 5 Use Cases for Large Language Models in Legal Departments

Extract from Olga V. Mack and Kassi Burns’s article “Legal Tech: 5 Use Cases for Large Language Models in Legal Departments”

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, legal departments are turning to large language models (LLMs) as innovative tools for enhancing efficiency and decision-making. With their ability to understand and generate complex language, LLMs are becoming an integral part of the legal process, from drafting documents to conducting thorough legal research. 

Understanding and managing the risks effectively is crucial for legal departments to leverage LLMs safely and productively. The balance between embracing innovation and upholding the rigorous standards of legal practice is delicate. This article will explore how legal departments can navigate this spectrum, ensuring the benefits of LLMs are harnessed with minimal risk while maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of legal work. 

Brainstorming is where the boundless potential of LLMs truly shines in the legal sector. Tasked with the creation of diverse perspectives, these models are capable of reframing challenges and devising innovative strategies that can revolutionize legal thinking and practice. LLMs facilitate idea generation on an unprecedented scale, allowing legal teams to explore a multitude of scenarios and outcomes in a fraction of the time without being limited by myopic tunnel-vision that can occur at the individual level. 

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