Oliver Silva, Casepoint: Five Steps to Expand AI Adoption for Legal Technology

Extract from Oliver Silva’s article “Five Steps to Expand AI Adoption for Legal Technology”

As a consultant on AI technology for some of the legal industry’s leading companies, I spent a considerable amount of time converting first-time users of Artificial Intelligence. However, it always amazes me that despite the investment companies make in advanced analytics, some users are still hesitant to implement AI within their standard workflow. According to a recent LexisNexis study, 92% of companies plan to increase their use of legal analytics in the next 12 months. So why are some not fully adopting AI into their business?

I remember consulting with a mid-level associate at a top firm in charge of her first large-scale document review. The partner on the matter gave her autonomy to run the project. Among many complexities, there were tight deadlines and the parties needed to agree on a discovery protocol. My pitch to use AI (specifically, Continuous Active Learning) was met with some trepidation, as she had no prior experience with the technology. It required me to do some education and mitigate her perceived risks in using this process. In the end, the anticipated value she would gain from AI far outweighed any of her concerns. After the project, we had a great story to tell and she was eager to brag to her colleagues about the outcome.

Investing in technology requires a lot of time and effort from both a financial and an implementation perspective. Think of all the hours you’ve spent researching, configuring, training, marketing, and managing your company’s AI technology.

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