Onna: The Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Teams eDiscovery

Extract from Onna’s article “The Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Teams eDiscovery”

Introduction: The beginner’s guide to Microsoft Teams eDiscovery

Welcome to our Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Teams eDiscovery — where we’ll cover everything you need to know about eDiscovery for Microsoft Teams, the communication and collaboration tool dominating the enterprise workforce. From calls and chats to seamless collaboration on Microsoft apps, Teams allows organizations of scale to work in a unified way. In 2020, Teams usage surged from 40 million daily active users at the outset of the pandemic to a whopping 145 million daily active users just a year later. It seems there is no limit to the platform’s growth, making in-house legal, IT, and compliance professionals uneasy at the thought of a runaway data train. 

Needless to say, Microsoft Teams eDiscovery has become a hot topic in the legal tech space. From retention and compliance to security and privacy, there’s a lot to learn about this multifaceted tool. In this guide, we’ll break down:

  • Microsoft Teams Basic Features 
  • Where is Microsoft Teams data stored? 
  • Data Retention for Microsoft Teams 
  • Understanding Microsoft’s Security and Compliance Center 
  • Native Features and Limitations in Compliance Center 
  • Microsoft Teams eDiscovery Plan 

By the end, you’ll have a clear picture of what your options are for Microsoft Teams eDiscovery and be able to find a path that works best for you.

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