Part I: Q&A with Dave Sannar on E-Discovery Trends in Asia

Extract from David Sannar and Rachel’s article “Part I: Q&A with Dave Sannar on E-Discovery Trends in Asia”

[This is the first of a two-part Q&A between Dave Sannar, Catalyst’s head of Asia operations, and Rachel Teisch, Catalyst’s director of product marketing. Part I discusses trends in Asia discovery. Part II focuses on tactical considerations for collecting, processing, reviewing and transferring data subject to litigation, investigations and regulatory compliance.]

Q: What’s your role at Catalyst, and why did you join?

A: I head Catalyst’s Asia operations. I’ve been in the e-discovery industry for a while, and had experienced first-hand the unique challenges that Asian companies, particularly in Japan, face with respect to litigation and investigations. I was intrigued by the technology Catalyst develops and provides to solve Asian language challenges, along with the company’s on-the-ground experience and presence in Asia—specifically with Japanese companies. When the opportunity arose to join the company, I was thrilled.

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