Patrick Barry of Logikcull Speaks at SOLID

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Extract from Casey Sullivan’s article “If You Can Tie Your Shoes, You Can In-House eDiscovery”

On March 28th, at the Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption, Logikcull COO Patrick Barry explained how corporate legal departments can leverage simple, powerful discovery software to take control of their discovery process. To skip straight to a video of his presentation, click here.

Ten years ago, the process of eDiscovery was one too often characterized by fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Companies feared case-dispositive sanctions for minor errors, runaway collection and review costs, and never-ending litigation holds. Lawyers feared the complexity and difficulty of early eDiscovery technology and the potential disciplinary action should something go wrong. And parties of all stripes, from the pro bono plaintiff to the most frequent litigants, feared that the cost, complexity, and risk associated with discovery would keep them from their day in court.

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