Patrick DiDomenico: Artificial Intelligence Will Supercharge Knowledge Management for Lawyers

Extract from Patrick DiDomenico’s article “Artificial Intelligence Will Supercharge Knowledge Management for Lawyers”

After almost three decades as a lawyer (nearly two of which were spent specializing in knowledge management and innovation), I’ve seen it time and time again. Every few years, usually due to a promising new technology or a general misunderstanding, someone declares the death of knowledge management (KM). Given the hype around generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), it was bound to happen again. 

Much like the apocryphal stories of Mark Twain’s demise (before 1910, anyway), the reports of KM’s death continue to be greatly exaggerated. So, if you’re worried, don’t be. Artificial intelligence will, in fact, supercharge knowledge management.

In this case, that which does not kill KM makes it stronger. 

KM is Dead, Again

The latest death knell comes from Mary O’Carroll, a well-known legal operations professional, at the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) Global Institute gathering in Las Vegas in May 2023. O’Carroll gave two presentations in which she postulated that GenAI would eliminate the need for knowledge management. 

In the first speech, The Next Frontier of Legal Work: Generative AI, O’Carroll noted that technology tools, such as document management systems, and various legal tasks like research and writing first drafts of memos can be killed off because of AI. “Another category ripe for disruption and elimination,” she stated, “knowledge management.” She added that KM “does not ever have to be a key pillar of our initiatives anymore.” 

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